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Custom Sewing

Interested in a custom item? Feel free to contact us at We would be happy to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece to meet your needs, whether it be an accessories/apparel for yourself or a friend, or decorative items for your home, or office.

How it works: You choose the type of item you would like, let us know what fabric colors or prints you like, and when you would need your item(s) by. We would then present you fabric options let you know what measurements we would need in order to give you an estimate on the fabric cost. Orders take a minimum of 3 weeks and up to 8 weeks depending on the volume of orders. We only require payment for the fabric up front. The labor cost is not due until your items are ready to ship. 





(Note: cost of fabric, hardware, and or embellishments is in addition to labor prices below)

Bow ties $25

Pocket squares $9

Reversible pocket squares $12

Neck ties $32

Lapel pins $8


(Note: cost of fabric and/or notions is additional to labor prices below)

Up to 27" length:

Straight/basic A-line skirt $40

Flared pencil skirt $45

Pleated skirt (up to 10 pleats) $45—Add $2 per pleat for additional pleats

Half circle skirt $45

Full circle skirt $50

27.5"-35" length add $5

35.5" length or greater add $10

Add side seam pockets $5

Add front angle pockets $7

Add knee length lining $10

Add long lining $15


(Note: cost of fabric and notions is additional to prices below.)

Dress Knee-Length $85+

Dress Ankle-Length $95+

Add short sleeves $25

Add long sleeves $35

Add knee length lining $40+

Add long lining $50+

Suit Jacket $85+

Add lining $35+

Jersey or Interlock Tee $25+

I do create custom patterns but I can also use an existing pattern if you are certain that it works for your body. If alterations are needed after using a commercial pattern, cost of alterations are additional. Otherwise, please contact me to discuss creating a custom pattern.


(Note: cost of fabric/yarn is in addition to labor prices below.)

Infinity scarf $12

Fine fabric scarf $20

Crochet scarf $20


(Note: cost of fabric and/or notions is in addition to labor prices below. Elaborate designs will be additional.)

Baby dress $28

Toddler skirt $25

Toddler dress $35

Girl's dress sizes 2-8 $38

Baby pre-tied bow tie $22

Child pre-tied bow tie $25

Child neck tie $28



Bowl Cozies (prices include in-stock fabrics;

fabric cost is additional for custom purchase fabrics)

$8 individually

$28 for set of 4


Throw Pillow Covers (zipper or envelope style)

14' or smaller $12 ea

16-18" $15 ea

>18" $17 ea

Add piping $5 ea

(Note: cost of fabric, zippers, hardware additional to labor prices above.)


Cushion slipcovers

$40-50 ea

Add piping $15 ea

(Note: cost of fabric, zippers, hardware additional to labor prices above.)



40x40" (maximum of 64 tiles) $150

50x50" (maximum of 100 tiles) $225

60x60" (maximum of 144 tiles) $275

For all other sizes, please contact me for a quote.

(Note: cost of fabric, batting, and trim additional to labor prices above)




(Note: I will not work on heavily embellished areas. Add $10 to each procedure for fine fabrics. Add $10 to each procedure for top stitching. Linings increase prices on a case by case basis.)


Tops, Shirts, and Blouses (some Blazers/Suit Jackets)

Hem $18

Take in sides (up to sleeves) $20 (through sleeves) $28

Shorten Sleeves (no cuff) $15

Shorten Sleeves (with cuff) $25

Slim Sleeves only $15

Adjust Shoulders (sleeveless) $30

Adjust Shoulders (with sleeves) $45

Adjust Armhole $20 (add $20 for sleeves)

Add darts/slim $15-20 (add $5-10 for princess seams)


Pants and Bottoms

Hem (plain) $15 (cuff) $22

Slim Leg $20

Take in/out waist (from center back) $22 (from sides) $26

Take in/out crotch $20

Take in/out waist, seat, and crotch $35



Hem and topstitch $25

Shorten original hem $35

Leg/waist adjustments- See PANTS section


Jackets and Coats

Shorten (Light Jacket) $30+ (Heavy Jacket) $60+

Take in/out (sides) $35 (princess seams) $50+

Take in center seam $25 (with vent) $40

Shorten Sleeves (plain) $25 (with cuff/details) $40

Shorten Sleeves (from Shoulder) $55+

Slim Sleeves $30

Take in Shoulders $60+

Add Darts $30-40

Add/Remove Shoulder Pads $15

Replace Zipper $40 (plus cost of zipper)

Replace Lining $100+


Dresses and Skirts (NO wedding gowns)

Hem (plain) $22

Hem with pleats/vent $35

Bias/Circle Hem $35

Chiffon Hem $35

Hem from Waist/Reshaping $60

Take in/out (skirt) $20 (dress) $40

(Add $5 if through hem; Add $10 if through waist seam

Add $10 if resetting zipper.)

Shorten Waist/Back $28

Shorten Spaghetti Straps $20

Sleeves/shoulders/armhole- See TOPS section above



Add/Remove/Repair Zipper $18+ each

Add/Replace Buttons $5 ea

Add/Replace Hook and Eye $5

Repair seams $10-20

If not specified above, work will be assessed at $25/hour